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  • Original
  • Entertaining and fun
  • Non aggressive freemium formula at all
  • Some UI and graphics glitches
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Reviewed by / Dec 13, 2013

ToS is both a card and a bubble bursting game

OK, we've seen so far how trading card games got merged with management and even action games, so nobody should be struck when we say that Tower of Saviors bring cards to burst-three-of-a-kind genre. In this case, cards represent mythical creatures unaware of intelligent design debates (oh, that was a pun) that can be merged one with an other to improve their stats and skills. However, in the very moment of fight, cards don't defend on their own and need your help to match bubbles and make combos. There are nearly three hundred different cards, so we can say that your primary goal will be to try to get (I nearly meant "catch") them all.

Summarized, it's an original, entertaining and challenging game. It can be played for free though you can spend as much as you can in ultra-rare beasts or boosting your progress to avoid low stamina breaks. Recommendable for any collectible card gamer looking for more actual action or for any casual player looking for a little bit more of depth in his or her games.

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Developer's original description available here
人氣手機遊戲 - 神魔之塔 Tower Of Saviors 全新 7.2 改版 「爐心的甦醒」 正式推出!

延續 7.1 版本「多人遊玩」模式的競技互動體驗,全新 7.2 版本中,「召喚師聯賽」快將開季,讓召喚師透過遊戲連線與各地好手切磋交戰,在通往成為神魔王者的掌機擂台激戰中,力拼首季強者榮譽!

全新的「合體」技能及故事篇章更帶來前所未有的新變化與超酷體驗!除此以外,《神魔之塔》7.2 版本亦追加了新召喚獸系列,遊戲界面及系統亦進一步優化,豐富召喚師的遊戲體驗。

神魔之塔中,你就是我們的召喚師。召喚師可以透過特定符石消除的試煉,利用通關的獎賞去收集以神話為背景的召喚獸,來挑戰超過 400 多個不同難度的關卡。


官方FACEBOOK粉絲團: http://www.fb.com/tos.zh
官方INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/tos_zh

★ 金賞 - 2013「巴哈姆特遊戲大賞」手機暨平板遊戲


「古人類為了成為神而建造了一座能通向天界的巨塔 - 以諾塔。然而,在建塔的過程中,惡魔欲利用以諾塔入侵天界,人魔神三方的戰爭在塔中爆發,三方死傷無數……數千年後,留落人界的神魔發動了戰爭,為了阻止人類的滅亡,人們將最後的希望寄予僅存的召喚師身上,重新進入以諾塔解開塔的封印﹒……」

神魔之塔Tower Of Saviors 遊戲特色:

★ 結合 RPG 及寶石消除元素, 全新故事模式,最強感官體驗
★ 細膩的歐美畫風讓你忍不住收集完整圖鑑
★ 超過 400 多個不同難度的關卡
★ 注入中世紀神話元素,希臘、中國、埃及等 400 個著名神話人物呈現眼前
★ 每天有不一樣的關卡讓玩家破解,收集指定的素材強化你的隊伍
★ 每星期有全新的關卡讓玩家有更多的機會收集稀有召喚獸
★ 豐富活動內容,期間限定每天送指定數目魔法石,增加抽中神話角色的機會


神魔之塔的粉絲專區 - 想收到最新消息,請到我們的 Facebook 讚好,或是加入召喚師的交友區



Recently changed in this version

人氣手機遊戲 - 神魔之塔 Tower Of Saviors 全新 7.2 改版 「爐心的甦醒」 正式推出!

1. 優化合體系統
2. 修正 7.22 版本已知問題

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Comments and ratings for 神魔之塔
  • (69)

    by 劉庭安 on 16/11/2014

    為什麼每次更新完就登不進去了?ˊ ˋ都還要整個重新安裝過才能解決………

  • (69)

    by Chew Yin Hong on 16/11/2014

    Ok lah

  • (69)

    by Jason Beh on 15/11/2014

    Nice overall

  • (69)

    by brenda chai on 15/11/2014

    WTF,I can't install it.... keep on saying error~can't install on USB storage or internal storage .... fix it now.......

  • (69)

    by Jon Chuo on 15/11/2014

    It just suddenly won't dissolve any runestones in all of a sudden. It's very very annoying,n i relogined a lot of times but it is still the same no matter how i spin it. Please fix it and i will give 5 stars or i will have to uninstall it :(

  • (69)

    by Gho Matthew on 15/11/2014

    爛抽卡系統 連續給人二銀卡 還連續兩張暗妹 幹 加成200只是給充值的玩家嗎 凸 更新了也一樣 你媽的 combo法印需要差幾次打幾次嗎 騙石頭啊 爛 如果可以放零星我他媽第一個直接放 幹爛

  • (69)

    by Chester Li on 15/11/2014

    LG G3無法使用錄影功能